The HD Commercial LPFM Express - Not so fast!!

Oh dear. Here we go again. No matter what idea someone comes up with, it's not going to make LPFM a commercial service.

A recent article in Radio World is suggesting that if an LPFM station pays (through the nose) for iBiquity HD Radio that they can use the multicast (HD-2) streams to provide a "commercial" service. We are hearing that even the "FCC" approves it. Well, time for some bubble bursting. Sort of.

How I would improve LPFM

In my previous article, I have touched on my "proposed" LPFM service. Since the recent Report and Order that established the ground rules for last October's window as well as eliminated LP-10 and rejected the concepts for a 50 and 250 watt LPFM service and based on the outcome of the October (November) filing window, I have drawn up a plan to improve LPFM.

This concept is within the limitations of the Local Community Radio Act (LCRA). It would even be better if certain provisions of the LCRA were repealed.

Here's what I would like to see:

Los Angeles Metro Fare Public Hearing: Out of Control

Listening to the public hearing from the east coast, I was actually very appalled by the behavior of some of the yellowshirts (The Bus Riders Union).. In my younger days, I have been to different transit public hearings in Southern California and as I can see nothing has changed. Saturday's public hearing did turn into a physical altercation.

Here's my opinions on the fare changes.

OZ214 ICN-SFO Crashed

I am very saddened and shocked about Saturday's crash of Asiana Airlines (OZ) flight 214 from Incheon-Seoul to San Francisco. While sad, it was a miracle that all but two passengers walked away from that accident. Like with the "Miracle on the Hudson" ditching of a US Airways plane, the flight crew (flight attendants) are being credited for the fast and orderly evacuation of the aircraft. I do hope that Asiana helps provide assistance to the passengers and their families.

Congratulations Delaware! Feelings for Arizona..

Seal of Delaware.

Today was the first day that same sex marriage licenses were available in Delaware. To all of those Delaware sweethearts out there, today is your day!

It disturbs me though that there are some on the far right who are just too upset that they did not get their way at the Supreme Court this past week and now they want to enshrine man-woman marriage in our US Constitution. I feel like we are back in the 50s again with segregation. We are in a civil rights battle and the GLB community is winning. Just give it more time an we will be there.

It's too bad that gay community keeps stepping on trans people on their way there.