About Michelle Bradley

Michelle (“Michi”, pronounced mee-chee) Bradley has spent most of her life involved with “entertainment, information and support”, while for many of those years, just being an average minion in the corporate world, or so she thought.  However, that “minionism” was nothing more than just a quest for knowledge.

Michelle spent the early part of her life working for two Regional Bell Operating Companies eventually leading into a management position working on, what was at the time, cutting edge high-speed internet technology.  After being laid off, like any good loyal corporate minion is, she exposed herself to the cable television, airline and public transportation industries.  In the latter industry, she went well beyond her job description in order help launch methods of making open data available for developers. 

While all of this was going on, Michelle founded REC Networks in 1984, which started as a phone line that played recordings over an answering machine.  Eventually REC would evolve into the first interactive social networking systems utilizing telephones instead of computers.  During all of this time, Michelle had an interest in broadcasting, which would lead to a lot of free time being used to study the industry, especially from the regulatory aspect.

Since 1998, Michelle has been involved with the creation of the Low Power FM (LPFM) broadcast service, not from the protests on the streets in front of the FCC, but instead, working with other like-minded people into the Petition for Rulemaking that became RM-9208 and eventually the LPFM service that exists today.  For the past 20 years, REC has been known mainly for LPFM, but REC was more than that to her.  REC is about allowing the common citizen to communicate, whether it is by broadcast radio, amateur radio or by computers or telephones.  In the late 90s, Michelle shifted REC into regulatory advocacy, which has left many marks on the regulation of services at the FCC.

Throughout many of those years, Michelle had a “real job” (corporate minion) to fall back on.  She would eventually break the chains of corporate servitude and had took on the advocacy and services of REC on a full-time basis. 

Without any specific schooling, Michelle learned everything she knows from research and experience.  Michelle is a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers and currently holds a Certified Broadcast Technologist (CBT) certification.  Michelle has been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1987 and holds the Extra Class call sign KU3N. 

Since 1995, Michelle has been creating, programming and operating streaming radio services including her current offering, J1 Radio, which consists of three channels of Japanese music.  Michelle has a deep love for Japan, as well as Ireland, a country in which she also holds citizenship. Michelle is also the co-founder of the Riverton Radio Project Association, an entity that is dedicated to bringing educational and compelling audio programming to the Delmarva peninsula of Maryland and Delaware. 

Since 2011, Michelle has been living in Riverton, Maryland (about 15 miles west of Salisbury, MD) with her spouse, two dogs, a few cats, a few turkeys and a lot of chickens.  Living in places like Riverton and Pahrump, Nevada (long before the traffic lights came) and other communities has given her a special insight on rural issues and as a result, gives REC a unique ability to see things from a more rural perspective as well as from the big city.  

Michelle can be contacted at REC Networks, 202 621-2355.