OZ214 ICN-SFO Crashed

I am very saddened and shocked about Saturday's crash of Asiana Airlines (OZ) flight 214 from Incheon-Seoul to San Francisco. While sad, it was a miracle that all but two passengers walked away from that accident. Like with the "Miracle on the Hudson" ditching of a US Airways plane, the flight crew (flight attendants) are being credited for the fast and orderly evacuation of the aircraft. I do hope that Asiana helps provide assistance to the passengers and their families. The two fatalities were teenage girls from China who were heading to the San Fernando Valley to attend a Christian summer camp. My thoughts and best wishes go out to their families.

I have been thinking about this incident in my head and how it happened. It is pure speculation right now, but it seems like the flight deck crew underestimated the glide slope and was bound to undershoot the runway, they tried to pull up, but it was too late, the tail hit the ground first which accounted for the loss of the rudder and elevator. Again, this is pure speculation.

It is a fact that the ILS (instrument landing system) was inoperative during the time of the crash. From what I have heard, the ILS has been inop for most of the summer during times when weather was not a factor. There was no weather or fog issues on Saturday and there was no ground delay program at the time of the incident.

The expedient evacuation of the aircraft was credited for almost everyone walking away.

It's time for the NTSB to investigate the cause. I am interested to find out what happened here.

For now keep all of the passengers and their families in your thoughts and (if you pray) your prayers.

(Photo credit.. CBS News)