UPDATED 12/20: This could be the end of J1 (and many other small webcasters)

20 Dec: We are working on something that may allow J1 to continue operating after January 1 even if Live365 goes away.

At the end of 2015, we will see the expiration of the Small Webcaster Agreement (SWA) which has allowed very small webcasters such as J1 to be able to operate. With the recent decisions by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB), there is uncertainty of whether SoundExchange (the US organization that represents the recording industry for royalty collection) will extend the SWA into 2016. Our provider Live365 has advised all broadcasters that are under the SWA-based streaming arrangement that it is likely that operations under the current terms may not continue into 2016. If that happens, all impacted stations on Live365 including J1 will be restricted to paid VIP listeners.

There are rumors that SoundExchange will make an announcement on Monday in regards to the SWA and perhaps at that time, we will have an understanding of our future.

We are also looking at other streaming solutions that would allow J1 to continue broadcasting.

We started broadcasting in 1999 with POWERPUFF-FM which aired "anime hits and cartoon bits" and eventually Anime Hardcore Radio which featured multiple channels of anime music. In 2001, AHR started a Japanese pop channel called "Hardcore J". Hardcore J would eventually be rebranded to J1 in 2009. Since the launch of Hardcore J, we have been on the air for 758 weeks playing Japanese chart music. It is our hope that this streak does not end at 760.

As we go into the Christmas holiday week, we will be closely watching the situation. Please stay tuned.