Statement of REC Networks' Michelle Bradley

My experience and ability to file a Petition for Rulemaking has come into question by someone who claims to be an LPFM advocate and runs an "advocacy group". Specifically, it is alleged that due to the fact that I do not own or operate an LPFM station makes me unqualified to speak about and for LPFM. As the pages of stories and media releases at and the many media stories in trade publications over the years will demonstrate, my experience with LPFM and the grassroots movement that lead to the creation of the service has been an extensive part of my life for nearly two decades.

If anything, my position in the LPFM community has permitted me to interact with LPFM stations of all types in order to gather the issues that effect a diverse mix of stations spanning all cultures, worldviews and faiths. This position also allows me to be able to focus on LPFM regulation and issues at the highest levels. My judgment is not clouded by the needs of only one of the 2000+ LPFM stations that have been authorized nor is my dedication to the LPFM service as a whole competing with the by the day to day duties of running a station.

Mr. Solomon and I both share a passion for LPFM and we both want to see it succeed. However, we see things differently. My nearly two decades of experience interacting with the FCC, Congress, allied advocates, attorneys and LPFM station representatives nationwide has given me this unique ability to understand the regulatory process, station needs and has earned me the respect from LPFM stations and media advocates, nationwide. This two-decade experience speaks much louder than an individual owner of a single station that has been licensed for less than one year.

Respect is something that is earned over time. It is not automaticlaly earned overnight with a piece of paper from the FCC.