Congratulations Delaware! Feelings for Arizona..

Seal of Delaware.

Today was the first day that same sex marriage licenses were available in Delaware. To all of those Delaware sweethearts out there, today is your day!

It disturbs me though that there are some on the far right who are just too upset that they did not get their way at the Supreme Court this past week and now they want to enshrine man-woman marriage in our US Constitution. I feel like we are back in the 50s again with segregation. We are in a civil rights battle and the GLB community is winning. Just give it more time an we will be there.

It's too bad that gay community keeps stepping on trans people on their way there. There's a lot of things the gay community can do to help the trans community, first of all.. get a new act. I am sorry, but the whole drag thing is old now and it marginalizes those who have a legitimate medical condition. It also does not help when groups like Equality Maryland hold drag shows to raise money to help pass pro-trans legislation or when "drag" themed roller derby bouts take place in Arizona during a time when they are trying to put those with a legitimate medical condition into jail for peeing in the wrong place. We as a community can do better. As long as drag exists, we will still be the joke of the gay community (even though we are not necessarily gay/lesbian).

Speaking of Arizona, my thoughts are out there tonight for those 19 firefighters who perished in the line of duty this past weekend also those families from Yarnell and other parts of Arizona who lost their homes.

As we start working up towards the mid-term elections of 2014, things are going to get pretty nasty. Please do the right thing and register to vote now and then go to the polls. There are really more of us than there are of them but when we don't go out to vote, more of them win.